René Magritte asserted that, “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.” However, in this gap is fascination; “The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.” 

By juxtaposing disparate imagery in a single work through digital, hand-rendered, and photographic creation, I reveal new meanings and relationships. This, in turn, allows for a metaphoric narrative to develop between the viewer and my work. This tension between the formal elements and subject in a single work generates confusion due to its seamlessness. The viewer unearths the stories imbued with these incongruent elements and creates their own dialogue through the development of individual, unique observations and perceptions. My life approach and philosophy ultimately unravels through the works peaceful and meditative genus.

Melancholia and elation resound harmoniously, addressing endless connections: micro and macrocosms, nature and manmade matter, linear geometry and organic textures, modernity and ancient, pristine and weathered. Symbolism and allusions drive the metaphors reflecting the many meditations that have eased my life’s trials, tribulations, and experiences. 

As a catalyst for the exploration of visual and psychological layers, my art blurs the lines of time, space and traditional mediums. My practice employs subtractive (photographic) and additive (painterly) processes revealing and masking imagery and meaning. Visibility is in the forefront, maintaining balance between my own stories and the potential stories of the viewer. My work is my passion and balance: the transcendental window that allows my soul to breathe and my mind to explore and communicate.